Bigloo Scheme 11 Sep 2016


As part of my reading Lisp in Small Pieces, Bigloo is one of the Scheme compilers that I use as part of my development environment. I’ve decided to write down the directions for installing (even though this one is pretty standard as UNIX packages go).

A few cool things I’m learning about Bigloo: * A mostly r5rs compliant Scheme compiler * Bigloo is a “batch compiler” that includes generating code to C, JVM, or .NET runtimes * C and Java extension support (Scheme <-> C / Scheme <-> Java) at runtime * A bunch of documentation, also included in HTML when installing * GPL license


./configure --prefix=$HOME/opt/bigloo-4.2c \
  --jvm=yes \
make test
make compile-bee
make install
make install-bee
cd cigloo/Example; make; ./ctest; cd ../..

See the included source README/INSTALL for details.


Fix by installing a zip utility, on Debian Jessie: sudo apt-get install zip.