Lisp1 and Bigloo 12 Sep 2016

After taking the time to get a full installation of Bigloo I ended up reading parts of the manual, which made it pretty obvious how to get a Lisp1 implementation from Lisp in Small Pieces running. All I had to do was add the following code to my code listing: ```scheme (module chapter1 (main start))

(define (start argv) (chapter1-scheme) (newline)) ```

Bigloo wants to compile module instead of whole programs. Thus, all that’s needed is a module declaration to get object code: bigloo -c 1.4.scm.

The second part is Bigloo’s version of an entry point into an application. Adding that so that it invokes the read-eval-print loop of the interpreter when running the executable that Bigloo creates when compiling the program: bigloo 1.4.scm.